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Suzuki Recalls 2006 Eigers

The American Suzuki Motor Corporation has already set out press releases everywhere. And in the press release they are recalling the 2006 models of the Suzuki Eiger all terrain vehicles.

According to the company, they have found out that the mountain brackets that were used to secure the left-front suspension arm of the vehicle to the actual frame of the Suzuki Eiger were not welded entirely. Thus, such a situation with the left-front suspension arm could lead to a breakage of the said Suzuki ATV part and could lead to much worse car problems. The company claims that with the recall, they would be able to fix the problem and send out the 2006 Suzuki Eigers with perfectly welded parts that would pose no further problems to owners and drivers.

This act towards recalling the 2006 Suzuki Eiger was done after the company did receive a note from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or the CPSC, which is an organization of the United States government that protects consumers from risks and injuries brought about by products in the market. And since the 2006 Suzuki Eiger is a consumer product and has been found out to contain problems, it is a wise thing for Suzuki to go ahead and do the recall.

There are about 300 units already in the market and the company is calling for those who own one to contact the company with regards to the recall. There still are no injuries reported because of such a mistake, however, it is a good thing that the problem was already seen early on to prevent grave crashes or collisions. According to the press release given out by Suzuki, the 2006 Suzuki Eigers were sold in solid red, black, or green. The batch was sold all around the country from May this year up until this month.

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